About Us

MODENSEEK is an online shopping destination that caters for those who live the modest lifestyle and appreciate design-centric independent brands. We believe that behind every product lies a story of thought, craft and love – so we curate global independent designers, artists and brands and bring them to you!

It all started – as most good stories do – with a chance encounter. A shopaholic named Rin and a new designer named Selb met at a pop-up flea market where Rin wasn't just blown away by a cool shawl, but Selb's (and talented artist Lully) personal mission of creating chic street wear for Muslim women who broke free from the usual stereotypes.

After many coffees, sleepless nights and crazy adventures meeting so much hidden talent in the modestwear community – we decided to seek out together designers and brands with similar stories and beautiful pieces that can get lost amongst all the noise. MODENSEEK aims to be that online space where you get to meet the faces and stories behind the brands and the thought and attention that goes into the products you love.


We're rooted in the spirit of community and collaboration so as we spruce things up on the site as we go along, we'll love to hear from you on what inspires and excites you, new designers you've come across or just a note to say hi!