CELEBFEST Y.E.S 2016 Recap

12 brands, 3 days, 2 companies and countless cups of coffee – that pretty much sums up our Celebfest Y.E.S 2016!

When we embarked on our first collaboration with Daisillia & Co , our common goal was to support emerging young brands by providing the space and tools to sell their wares at one of the most coveted shopping events on the calendar.  Our challenge was also how do we design an experience for shoppers that will allow them explore the various brands seamlessly and comfortably at our booth, so therefore began the first of many sleepless nights as we started our personal countdown to Celebfest!

We'll be fibbing if we said it wasn't hard work. From the overall big picture like planning the logistics, to the micro-details like how tall should the racks be so that customers are able to look across the various offerings, our main deciding factor was always how do we ensure our partner brands are able to focus on what they do best – showcase their products and engage with their customers. 

This was echoed as we took them through Modenseek at a workshop and designed visuals to highlight the uniqueness of each brand. We definitely felt like proud mamabears when the workmen unveiled our signboard during set-up the day before Celebfest officially opened!

The next few days flew past in a blur. Some highlights include meeting our 5 lucky winners of our giveaway who each won a $100 giftbag and a fashion show showcasing the latest collections from Budi Nadia, Momar, Pure The Label and Lully Selb. Despite our aching feet, it was definitely worth seeing happy customers satisfied with the great deals and beautiful pieces they picked up from the booth. Even before the dust had settled, the new friendships, strengthened bonds and festivity of the collaboration has got us motivated and inspired for the next Celebfest Ramadan 2017!

The most important part? We all had fun! 

P.S. In the meantime, follow us and Daisillia & Co on Instagram for sneak peeks as we plan for the next one!